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We start with What Does a Video Cost?. The question I get most of all. Then

the technology and followed by the 3 phases of video production, which is

similar to many processes.

First there is Pre-Production: Basically planning the project.

Second is Production: Creating the elements used in the production. The footage is shot, Sound is collected. Any element you want in the final video is captured.

Third is Post Production: This step is where everything is put together, editing, sound, graphics, effects, etc.

Another area where I see a lot of questions How do I get started in the business and so I'll have a section in the library about careers.

These three areas are further explained in this website under the corresponding pages accessed by the menu above. There are also WORKSHEETS to help you organize and plan your video under the "Library" section in the menu.

About John Crossman

Here you will find a lifetime of experience from a video editor who has been pursuing his craft since 1978.

While I self label as a "video editor", it's important to understand that editing is editing, whether it's film, video, phone footage or drone footage,

the purpose of editing has remained the same: telling a clear

effective story with the images/footage you have.

The purpose is to not only explore the craft of editing but

also the philosophy that has served me well throughout

my career.

There won't be too much explanation of the newest software or technology here, only as it is needed for clarity. I use the Adobe Creative Cloud daily now but was an avid Apple Final Cut Pro 7 fan for many, many years.

John Neal Crossman Sr. Video Editor
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