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ABOUT John Neal Crossman

Who I am


I love to edit. I love to tell stories and teach and touch people through the visual medium of television. I have worked in broadcasting and the post production world. I have not edited movies, but I have heard enough movie editors speak to know that we share the same passion and love for what we do. I also believe that all successful editors approach their craft the same way, or at least in a similar way.

I came up in the business at a time when the idea editing with computers was fairly new and had just been made affordable enough for local broadcasters to switch from film to ¾” videotape. I started editing while waiting to be a rock/pop star, and of course once I started editing I received the same feedback editing successful stories, special and features that I got performing music. The cool thing was I got paid to do this! I got hooked and have devoted countless thousands of hours to this craft since then.


Why I do this


I have been editing television programs, or what is now commonly referred to as “video” since 1979, or 36 years. That’s a lot of editing. When I started, it was a whole different set of standards and technology than it’s now, so this book will not be about any of the technology associated with what I do – aside from a mention here or there for clarification – rather this book will be about how I started washing cars in the news department of a local TV station and became one of the premier editors in my area. To me editing has never been about the technology, although I use it all day long. Editing is about storytelling, about communicating with the viewer of the video, whether that’s important news about the weather or the economy, or whether it’s to entertain and amuse… at the end of the day, the purpose it to communicate – and to do it well.


What I can do for you

My goal is teach you the ins and outs of editing [that is a pun], but I'd like to do more. I have had many good coaches in my life and I would like to also share my outlook, perspective and attitude that has given me a very successful editing career. I will supply editing information and some tips as tricks as well as the philosophy behind my editing decisions.

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            Who, why this blog


Why Are You Here?


A Philosophy for Life

            Attitude is everything and other useful cliché’s


Life is a series of patterns

            Storytelling – Beginning, Middle, end

            Seasons, life


Life has a rhythm

            Using Music – the magic key to communication

            Speaking patterns

            Patterns in nature’s sounds


Patterns of success

            Passion for what you do

Why service is the key to success

Who do you serve?

Customers – who are they?


About the Media Business

            The concept of free content and the real cost

            Understanding what you bring to the communication

            Common “opportunities”

            A great place to start

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